PAS NORMAL STUDIOS Mechanism Bib Shorts - Dark Olive



The PAS NORMAL STUDIOS Mechanism Bib Shorts - Dark Olive is designed for hours and hours spend riding your bike and in your saddle. The Mechanism bibs will work for the spring mornings, to the hot summer middays or the misty mornings of autumn. The Mechanism bibs are the most technological shorts of PNS and will take your riding to another level.

The monochrome colourways of the mechanism collection, brings elegance and style to the cycling scene, mixing seasonal fashion colours with other running colours all year round, integrating technical performance with amazing fashionable aesthetics.

The Mechanism collection is the most "fit" collection in the PNS range, so you better choose 1 size up compared to your usual cycling jersey brand.

The creative director and co-founder, Karl-Oskar Olsen, Copenhagen-based, Pas Normal Studios, is now one of the most popular brands in the world of cycling apparel since it was created in 2014.


Adjustment of the bib straps increases the secure fit and adds a completely new visual and technical performance while maintaining the seasonal colourways look.


The PAS NORMAL STUDIOS Mechanism Bib Shorts - Dark Olive features low-profile straps that are super resistant and manage ageing very well against degradation, maintaining the shape after washing cycles. All the grippers have a silicone gripping pattern that keeps the bib short in its position and allows you to maintain a more aerodynamic silhouette.


The fully dyed fabrics and the proprietary design pattern of the fabric with its subtle details in both crotch and side panels have been combined with redesigned elastics, straps and the super comfortable four-layer ultralight chamois pad, creates the most technically advanced bib shorts ever created by Pas Normal Studios.


- The mechanism jersey fabric is manufactured with 82% polyamide and 18% elastane.

- Features a Four-layer super-light foam chamois pad.

- It features fully dyed fabrics with elastic grippers for a perfect fit.

- Low profile shoulder straps so you cannot see them through the jersey.

- The mechanism jersey is available in different monochrome ways.

- Made in Italy.

Care instructions:

- Wash cool 30°

- Ideally use a non-bio detergent. 

- Please iron low.

- Of course, do not bleach.