RAPHA Core Cargo Bib Shorts - BLK Black



The Rapha Core Cargo Bib shorts - BLK Black is the final approach for the affordable adventure bib and it has changed the way a lot of cyclist ride and dress. It has 2 mesh pockets on the rear side of the legs and another 2 extra pockets on the back. With all those pockets, you can carry all that you usually carry on your traditional cycling jersey, so it allows you to wear a T-shirt or any other garment on the top. These bib shorts are a workhorse that will shine in every ride, from day-to-day training rides to super long adventures in the wild.

The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts - BLK Black is manufactured with a supportive dense fabric with only a few seams around the waist and makes the bib shorts super durable and super comfortable.


On the side, The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts - BLK Black has designed 2 mesh pockets to hold the phone or any small goodie securely during your ride, while the curved top seam allows you to easily access the items. The 2 additional pockets you can find on the back are just out of sight under a t-shirt.


The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts - BLK Black are manufactured with a super-lightweight and breathable fabric, that stretches to accommodate any rider height or any torso size. The laser-cut leg grippers maintain the bib short in place, together with the Rapha Classic chamois pad, reduces irritation, fatigue, chafing, and provides you with comfort every time you go for a short or a long ride.

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- Same Rapha chamois pad that Rapha uses in all their Classic range of clothing.

- Super Black dense-knit fabric that adds compression and support to the shorts.

- Laser-cut with soft-silicone around leg grippers to maintain the shorts in place without compromising in comfort. 

- Super High-stretchable bibs accommodate any rider height and torso size without compromising fit

- Flatlock stitching avoids chafing with increase comfort.

- As usual, Subtle tonal Rapha branding 

- Hard-wearing mesh makes sure leg pockets do not break and keep your goodies secure even on rough roads. 

- The extra pockets eliminate the necessity for a traditional cycling jersey

- 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane