Shoes Shimano Sphyre RC9 - White



The Shimano S-Phyre shoe line is still relatively new, but it has been a revelation within the Shimano shoe line. Past Shimano shoes have given the brand a bit of a reputation as a purveyor of shoes that were clunky but comfy, unpleasant to look at yet effortlessly comfortable on a several-hour ride. They were shoes I loved to wear but hate to be seen in; my feet loved the roominess but the aesthete in me hated looking at. The Shimano S-Phyre RC901 shoe throws most of that out of the window, with distinctive looks to match the top-level performance.

The Shimano S-Phyre RC901 road shoe is a racing shoe through and through, but it approaches it in a typically-Shimano way. The accommodating toe box and comfy surround upper pair to a durable upper that looks great even after a fair bit of scrapes from my front wheel and walking on different surfaces. I’m confident in saying that the S-Phyre RC9 is just as appropriate on an all-day road ride as it is on the ProTour, only now the aesthete in me can wear these without any excuses.