Shoes Shimano Sphyre XC901 - Black


The Shimano S-PHYRE XC901 are the perfect MTB shoes for all fanatic and professional cyclists. It is an uncompromising competition shoe for cross-country and cyclo-cross. For the S-PHYRE products Shimano only uses the most technical and high quality materials and techniques.

The one-piece upper shoe contributes to a perfect fit.
The S-PHYRE XC901 contains a one-piece upper shoe, a narrow footbed, a rounded heel and a narrow toe section. These features ensure that the foot fits perfectly in this cycling shoe and leaves virtually no space between the foot and shoe. The result is an unparalleled fit.

Shimano Dynalast creates a very efficient upward pedaling movement
The springy toe part of a cycling shoe plays a crucial role in supporting an efficient pedalling movement. If it is too high, it creates extra tension in the sole, calf and back thigh muscles. If it is too low, it results in an O-legged, inefficient pedalling movement. Thanks to the use of Shimano Dynalast, the foot, in the Shimano S-PHYRE XC901, is in a good ergonomic position. This results in a very efficient upward pedaling movement, which allows you to develop even more speed.

A perfect calibration, thanks to the 2 independent Boa® IP1 dials
Both the upper and lower part of this MTB shoe are equipped with a Boa® IP1 dial. With a simple turn of the knob the wire is pulled tighter or looser over the foot. Even while cycling, these rotation systems can be used quickly and responsibly, so this cycling shoe is always optimally calibrated.

Rubber outsole and full carbon midsole for stiffness and traction
The patented MICHELIN® outsole is made of rubber, resulting in less weight and more traction. This ensures that with this MTB shoe you can also walk next to your bike. The midsole is extremely stiff, as it is full carbon. As a result, every pedal stroke is converted into maximum speed.

With the Shimano S-PHYRE XC901 MTB shoes you are able to deliver the best and fastest off-road performance.